Batch Render regions as MP3s

I’m currently working on a project involving creating a set of deliverables from several hundred montages. The requirement of the project is this:

-single .wav file for whole montage
-single .mrk file containing CD index markers
-single .cue file
-for each montage, a set of mp3s in their own directory. “Regions as tracks” sort of thing using the CD indexes. The mp3 directory should have the same name as the montage.

The first three requirements are very straightforward using the batch processor, but I am unsure if it is possible to do the third in Wavelab? Any solutions/workflows?


It’s not clear what you want to achieve, at the end…


I want to point the Batch processor to a bunch of montages, and have it output each montage as a collection of mp3s. Each mp3 set should end up in its own folder. That folder should have the same name as the montage from which it was rendered.

Does that make sense?

This is unfortunatley not possible, because when you render a montage with the batch processor, there are less options available than when you render from the Master Section dialog. More exactly, you can only render the montages as a single file, not as multiple files.

The only approaching solution I see would be this one:

  1. you render each audio montage as a big wave files with marked regions, using the batch processor. Each one in its own folder.
  2. you use the auto split clip (it has a batch mode), to split all these wav files in smaller wav files.
  3. you use the batch processor again, to convert all wav files into mp3 files.

That’s not so much work actually because each step #1 to #3 is a single big batch step.


Yep that should work better than doing it all manually. Thanks.