Batch trimming

Hi all,

I’d like to trim dead air at the end of audio files in the batch processor. The trim function seems to only go by duration, but in my case the duration of dead air isn’t uniform. Dead air would be identified by absolute zero.


Use the AutoSplit tool. It can process several files at a time.

Ah yes - didn’t think of that one. Thank you!


It’s the 1st time I used Autosplit tool… And it worked good!!! :slight_smile:

Well… not quite.

In ‘cut head and tail’ mode of the auto-split function silence must be at least -60 dB, and so it will cut off reverb tails. If you try entering a threshold of say -90 dB, it automatically jumps back to -60 dB.

In ‘split between silences’ mode, I can enter -90 dB, but it cuts off at about -80 dB nonetheless.