Batch Unmix

V10 all working well in my testing but I can’t seem to find a way to Unmix as a batch process though? Say I’ve pulled in 12 songs for an album and I want to pull the voice out of all of them as a batch process while I go and get lunch or run it out of hours from a folder, how do I set Unmix to process them all as a batch?

SpectraLayers doesn’t support batch operations yet.

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The ‘yet’ gives me hope ; ) Thanks Robin, I really enjoy all your videos btw, you da man!

I like that Robin used the word ‘yet’ also. I logged in specifically to add this request but, found this thread.

A huge +1 from me to add batch unmix that would include exporting all the categories plus the drum unmix as an automated process. This would allow users to process multiple files unattended.