Battery 4.3.0 keeps asking for missing samples (even after pointing to new location)

I think it would be helpful if other Cubase users could try to reproduce the following bug with Battery 4 on their system. Please note that it seems to make a difference if you just close the Cubase project but leave Cubase itself opened. To reproduce this bug you also need to close Cubase, not just the project.

Another discussion about this can be found here:

Thanks for your help!

Steps to reproduce this issue

  1. Create a new Cubase project and load Battery 4
  2. Load a WAV sample into a cell by using Battery’s file browser (don’t load a sample from Battery’s factory library or other kits, just a random WAV on your drive)
  3. Now save the project and quit Cubase
  4. Rename a folder somewhere in the path in which the WAV file you loaded is located in
  5. Start Cubase again and load the project.
  6. You should now get the missing samples dialog. Point Battery to the folder or parent folder in swhich the WAV file is located in. (Battery will load the missing file after that - make sure the sample is loaded)
  7. Now save the project again and, IMPORTANT, fully quit Cubase after that
  8. Now restart Cubase and load the project again.
  9. Battery shouldn’t ask again for the missing sample if everything is normal. It should just load the replaced sample automatically. (if Battery asks again for the missing file there must be a bug somewhere)

Thanks for trying it out!

I can confirm that I also experience this bug with Battery in Cubase 12. To expand on what is described here, after moving to a new system and inevitably a new default location for Factory sounds, Battery doesn’t even find its own factory sounds if the Project was created before the move. Notably, if you activated several outputs, it will also forget your samples’ output routing upon locating the samples.

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Thanks for your report @hildemann

It’s starting to look like a Battery /Cubase specific issue.

I can confirm this exact behavior following a4000’s steps to reproduce.

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@Frank_Heller Thanks for confirming. You could also join the thread at NI forums so we get more people on board there. I think it’s probably a Battery bug. But who knows.

This is the main thread about this bug at NI now (seems to include a ticket number):

  1. Rename a folder somewhere in the path in which the WAV file you loaded is located in
    .5 Start Cubase again and load the project.
  2. You should now get the missing samples dialog. Point Battery to the folder or parent folder in swhich the WAV file is located in. (Battery will load the missing file after that - make sure the sample is loaded)

This behaviour is replicable. I highlighted the issues. It’s user error. Changing the path will blind Battery to the sample location.

The best solution is to save the Battery preset (Preset + Samples) in the Cubase project folder. Then, every time you open the project, Battery will search the full drive-relative path, and it’ll locate it in your Cubase folder.

This will fail if you move your Cubase project or rename the folder, or any folder above where your Cubase project is located. However, it makes it much easier to locate ALL samples if you do ever move the project, and it keeps them all available if you want to take your project elsewhere on a thumb drive.


Step 4 is designed to reproduce a common scenario. Paths can change for several reasons all the time. For example when restructuring a sample library or when moving the whole library to another drive (letter). The missing samples dialog is there to solve that. This is also not the problem here since it works as expected and designed. The actual problem (bug) is with updating the state (session data) in the Cubase project file. Path changes after relocating missing samples don’t get saved correctly in the Cubase project file. NI has confirmed this bug.

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Ah I see, it makes sense now. Thanks.

I’ve been experiencing this since Summer of last year. Made a test project and sent it to NI and Steinberg Support to look at it. More than 6 Months later, we are here in this forum post.

I don’t know for sure but think this is a NI only issue. They know about this bug for almost a year and i don’t see any hurry to get it fixed asap. This can’t be too complicated by what i see. I wonder if it’s a VST3 specific bug maybe related to their wrapper?

I had this issue last month and I got around this bug by removing Battery from the project, then putting it back in and loading the preset.
The issue with the bug pertains to keeping the old instance of Battery intact when moving stuff. Once you remove Battery, then move the files, then put a new instance of Battery in, point to the new location, then save the preset with the new location, it works.

Also, what will happen if you leave the old instance of Battery in there is that the max voice count will keep resetting to 128 if you had 256 or something higher before. I was loading an old project that hadn’t been opened since I had redone my computer and moved files around. I noticed the bug you mentioned and then noticed that my drums were dropping out because it was reaching the max 128 voices in the upper right corner of Battery. I kept typing 256 in there but as soon as I closed the Battery window to work on other things, it would reset back to 128. Then I took Battery off the project, then re-loaded it and the problem was resolved.

Bug is still here. There is an official thread on the NI website. Also in case that helps anyone, I’m getting it with Pro Tools and AAX, so not Cubase/VST3 related at all.

Hi Rayan, thanks for confirming the bug. Meanwhile NI acknowledged the issue. It’s just sad that it takes them that long to fix. May you post about your specific setup at NI forum in this thread:
BUG - I can't relocate samples in Battery 4 - (BT4-2680) — Native Instruments Community

Bug is still here. Just got bitten by this. Seems to me Battery is abandon-ware. Bug has been known at least from 2022. Cubase project bulged until it exploded. Cant open project at all anymore. Time will tell if my all projects are plagued by this bug. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you read the discussion in the first link found in the opening post it says that it’s supposedly being worked on. It’s a shame how long they left this unfixed.

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