Battery 4 auditioning pads with mouse clicks wrong

Just wondering if anyone else is havin this issue with battery 4. Load a sample onto a pad
If I play a quick pattern with the mouse there are irradic volume fluctuations.
I don’t have this issue when playing from the key editor, or any other midi source.
This just happens with the mouse. Basically if you play the sound quickly with mouse
Clicks from a pad it’s as if it doubles the note.

Groove agent does not do this.

Basically playing auditioning notes with the mouse in battery is buggy.

Try this with a sustain envelope and very low release settings then Try playing auditioning fast notes with the
Mouse it won’t work right. Every other sample instrument I use does not have this issue. Including kontakt

Can someone confirm this so I can confirm with NI and see if they will fix it.

You do realize that the velocity changes depending on where you click on the pad.

Hope this helped.

Thanks for the response you’re using NI battery 4 because it does not operate that way.
Maybe you’re thinking of groove agent I am talking about Native Instruments
Battery 4 drum sampler.

There is a double click bug it is reading a double click as a third click
In the cells when auditioning with the mouse.

Battery 4 does not change velocity based on where you click on the pad

I’m so confused! :smiley:

You’re correct of course and I need to not answer questions before consuming an adequate amount of coffee.


No worries.

Your trying to help I appreciate that.