Battery 4 hangs when opening up the instrument

I had this problem for a long time, so if it is Cubase, my system or Battery problem I don’t know


every time I want to open to GUI to Battery 4 Cubase is unusable as the screen freezes for about 15 seconds. Happens every time I try it.

anyone know why, or have the same problem?

I am currently running the latest Cubase, but the same problem was present in Cubase 10. I am running the latest Battery that is available in Native Access with 8 mono and 8 stereo outputs as configuration.

and on the latest Windows 10 version

Hi there,
just tried to replicate the problem that you’re facing but, on my system, Battery 4 opens within a couple of seconds and is usable, as is everything else.

What samples are you using? Are they default ones within Battery that you are using or other 3rd party samples?
I did have a similar problem, sometime ago but, that was because I had my 3rd party samples on another drive on my system and it would spin down if not being used. The delay was due to the hard-drive starting up again, to access my samples, when I opened Battery. Could a similar thing be happening on your rig?

I would think it is an issue searching for drives or something similar. I am using the factory library, but not in the default location.

in the settings, my factory library is e:\ while the user’s samples show C:\users\documents and has no samples

Yes, that sounds right. I now have the default locations for the factory NI libraries on my systems C: drive and it works fine. But, I do have a delay when accessing 3rd party samples on my D: drive.

so I took away all my samples from Battery - now the app opens, no problems at all.