its going to do it?
Snímek obrazovky 2019-02-07 v 19.55.07.png
Snímek obrazovky 2019-02-07 v 19.56.57.png

I assume you want this to display as the layout name?

If so, you need to name the layout manually, copying and pasting in the flat glyph. Remove the layout name token and write it in. Make sure you use a font for the flat glyph that spaces nicely, like Academico.


Sorry, see edited answer above.

If you’re doing this a lot, you may want to add a master page set for Bb instruments so you don’t get overrides all the time.

Make a master page set called “Bb parts” that omits the layout name, which you’ll need to enter manually.

Is really like to see the layout name displayed with the Bb, as it is on the staff label…


You can paste the flat symbol directly into the Layout Name in Setup mode.

Ah yes, I forgot to add… I use Minion Pro as my house style, which spaces the flat glyph very poorly. That means I have to use Academico for the flat glyph, hence the need for the workaround on the layout token. YMMV, if you use a house-style font that spaces well.