Bb Trumpet/Clarinet problem

I just discovered a problem in the way my Bb parts transpose when in Transposed View. The two attached screenies show a passage in Concert Pitch View which is correct, and then in Transposed Pitch View, which is not.

I’m working on a fairly long arrangement, and I’ve done three other arrangements in Dorico, and this is the first time it’s come up. As far as I can tell, the only place it has occurred is when these concert Bbs and Ebs are created by an accidental, rather than simply by the key signature.

If I fix it in the transposed view, it’s the wrong pitch in the concert view. That’s OK for printing, since it’s obviously the concert view that I print; however, it wreaks havoc with the playback when I’m listening for wrong notes.

Any ideas?


And now Dorico won’t launch. It stalls on Initializing Resources for 60-90 seconds, then I get an error message, “Error opening file: Invalid file format.”

I know the first rule of arranging is don’t do a major project on new software, but since the other smaller charts worked fine, I decided to do this big one. Up 'iil now it’s been going well, but at this point, I now have a file with screwed up transpositions and the application won’t launch.


The problem with Dorico not starting is easy enough to fix: go to ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico (the tilde ~ means /Users/your-user-name/) and then delete the files called layoutOptions_scores.xml, layoutOptions_parts.xml, layoutOptions_customScores.xml. It’s currently possible to save those options when you have a multiple selection of layouts in such a way that they can’t be loaded again, which is obviously a bug!

The problem with the accidentals is caused by a bug as well. They’re getting an explicit accidental property set so that even when the note is shown in a different transposition or on a different staff position, the same accidental will always appear. If you send me your project I can fix it for you, but unfortunately there’s no good way to fix it in 1.0.10 as things stand.

Thank you, as always, for your quick and on point response, Daniel. It worked immediately, of course, and I’ll keep a copy of this note for future reference in case it comes up again.

I appreciate your offer to fix my project, but I hate to bother you with that when I can do it myself. Right now, just fixing the specific accidentals in Transposed View is working—is that what you’re talking about? Or are you talking about actually fixing the accidental property setting?

Either way, I’m assuming it’s a note-by-note fix, and again, I don’t want to burden you with that.

Having dealt with other companies in all sorts of consumer situations, as we all have, I appreciate more than words can say your continued immediate acceptance of responsibility for things that go wrong because of bugs. As so many others have posted, I am extremely impressed by everything about Dorico, so with your continued excellent customer support, I am quite willing to wait patiently as you and your team keep working to make this the first rate product it will eventually become.

In the meantime, I’m very much enjoying using it, even with the occasional burp.

I can fix your score relatively quickly in my own build by selecting all the notes and doing Edit > Reset Appearance, which since 1.0.10 we have made remove this explicit accidental property, so it’s really not a big problem for me to fix your project for you if you would like me to.

I will take you up on your offer if the next update hasn’t come out by the time I finish the piece. However, since I’m still writing in 1.0.10 and will continue to recreate the problem, it doesn’t seem to make sense to have you do a mass fix yet.

But thank you again for making the offer.