Bb trumpet

I’ve searched the forum and the guide and am missing something that’s probably obvious (maybe a layout thing?). I have a piece in E major and my Bb trumpet player wants to read in flats (Gb instead of F# transposed). I made a temporary key of Fb to generate her part (and printed it out) but can’t seem to find the setting to keep the score in E but the Bb trumpet in Fb.
Sorry if this has been addressed and thanks.

Have you tried the Transpose and Clef thing in the Layout panel’s context menu, in Setup mode ? The tool is awesome to create specific transpositions for one instrument, without having to change the whole piece… You’d put that a heard E4 is written Gb4 I suppose.

Thanks. I fiddled and now I have what I want although I don’t see how. It doesn’t work as you described but I now get the piece in flats with a key signature of F#.

Sorry about the lack of details, I’m nowhere near my computer this weekend so I could not describe accurately that operation by memory. I am glad you got it sorted out in the end!