BBC SO - loading. Progress bar?

Is there any way to monitor the time Dorico needs to finish loading larger sound templates, like Spitfire BBC SO?



Not as far as I know. Best thing is to get set up with something like Vienna Ensemble Pro or use Cubase as a backend as I have detailed in the forums.

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Thanks, I´ll check your thread!

If you keep an eye on the play button in the mini transport in the top right-hand corner of the screen, it should only become green and enabled once all of the VST instruments have been fully restored.

Thanks, Daniel! I ´ll put a dedicated progress bar to my wishlist, then;-)

For many plugins, they load their sounds in the background, which means that Dorico has no way of knowing whether the sounds are fully loaded or not.

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Right. At the moment, Dorico clocks in at a little over 4 minutes to load the entire BBC SO template.
How can I speed thing up a notch?
Specs: 96Gb RAM, 2x3,46 6-core Mac Pro (mid 2010) on OS 10.14.6, plugins run off an internal SSD.



I don’t have detailed knowledge of the BBC SO plugin. Dorico has no control over how the plugin loads its samples. Have a look in the plugin’s own preferences to see if there are options for controlling the amount of buffering and sample preload.

With the BBC SO, Dorico shows a green light when the templates have been loaded which can be minutes before the actual samples are completely loaded – as Paul says, Dorico has no idea – but when the steady green light for the BBC player comes on, then everything is loaded. I’ve yet to come across a suggestion or find anything myself for how the time can be significantly reduced in Dorico, unfortunately.

In the most recent Discover dorico (, John Barron discusses VEP Server and VEP 7 as a way to offload large libraries from downloading in Dorico, in John’s case Iconica, but (in spite of the learning curve) VEP may be the answer to handling large sound libraries if you use them often.

I’m aware that some see VEP as an answer to managing large libraries but I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that it helps to speed up the loading of the samples in BBC SO which is henrikskram’s point. If I’ve missed something then please point me in the right direction.

If one loads the sounds when one turns on the computer, then they are available when one needs them, and they do not have to reload when one switches between projects that use the same VEP instrument setup.

Not all SSD’s are created equal as far as speed of loading samples - I had no idea when I bought my latest laptop that there were so many standards and speeds now. And I also learned that you are probably limited on which standard you can install by your model of computer… which is a round about way of saying you may have to change computers to do anything about that part of it.

I dabbled some with Reaper, which has a way of networking VSTS regardless of brand which are running on multiple computers. Despite some Reaper issues, the main pain there was licensing VST’s on different machines. I know that doesn’t exactly answer the loading issue anyway.

I´ve been using VEPRO in Sibelius for years, so I am very familiar with it. However, setting it up within Dorico will be a first, and will check out John Barrons video.

Are there any templates around for BBC SO PRO in VEPRO?

As I mentioned in the BBCSO Information file (in the template zip folder) you can keep an eye on the Mem value in any of the BBCSO plugin windows and when the Mem value stops and the light is green it’s loaded.

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Just as background, bbcso is a slower loading library on any host program.