BBC SO Spitfire Core/Discover - audio freezes during playback

Hello everybody,
I have recently been using the BBC Core library, on Dorico Pro 3.5 (latest) with templates by John Barron.
I tried to reproduce with the Discover version but the result is similar.
I enclose the diagnosis of the project.

Information computer:
Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i7-2600 CPU 3.40 GHz
RAM 16,0 GB
x64 bit

Thanks so much everyone

SPITFIRE+DORICO.dorico (936.1 KB)
Dorico (801.9 KB)

Can you be a bit more specific about the problem you’re experiencing, Cosimo? Does the audio freeze at the same position every time? Is the problem consistent, or intermittent? What steps have you taken so far to try to solve or troubleshoot the problem?

If you want to run a full orchestra you need more RAM and a faster processor… The 2600 is potent, but…

Audio freezes intermittently when playing more instruments, I tried to reproduce with the Discover version but the problem is similar.
I tried to download the ASIO4all v2 driver but it didn’t fix anything

The project uses a maximum of 10 GB of RAM of 16, the problem is also with the version Discover

The OS & Dorico also need a bit if RAM… long story, but if you have access to Vienna Ensemble pro and load the BBC there you may have a better chance… But of course there may be other reasons… Anyway, you’re living on the edge :slight_smile:
Hard disk type (I’d say SSD is mandatory) and buffer settings also play a major role…

16Gb is more than enough to run Discover which is a tiny orchestra-- I can run most Core setups OK with a much weaker processor and 16Gb RAM. Certainly VEPro helps but that’s unlikely to be your issue here. Although an SSD should be used for any sort of serious playback, even more important is probably the soundcard and above all the driver (and of course also latency settings) . You shouldn’t have to resort to ASIO4all. You didn’t mention your audio setup?

@cosimobombardieri hello,
I have similar problem, with Dorico Pro and BBSO Pro… We did some test together with @Ulf from Steinberg, there is some problem with the VSTAudioEngine and also with the ASIO Guard function, which is permanently active.
How many CPUs, and CPU Cores your computer has?
I would suggest you to contact @Ulf here and explain your case in details. There is a temp solution on the problem I have - VSTAudioEngine with ASIO Guard turned off, you could ask him to give you a replacement version of the Audio Engine.
If your problem is caused by the same circumstances as mine, then you will need to wait. The guys are working on it. :slight_smile: We investigated, mainly Ulf, the problem directly on my Workstation via Team Viewer, few moths ago, so I believe it will be fixed in Dorico 4. :slight_smile:
If you can provide more details to Ulf, it will be better for the improvement of the Audio Engine. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Hi Cosimo, i don’t think that it is the same issue that Thurisaz describes, because your cpu only has 4 cores/8 threads. But we can find out. Send me a private message and we’ll arrange for a remote screen sharing session.