BBC SO unpitched percussion MAPS

Long story short, I can’t play the CRASH CYMBAL bowed articulation (nor any other than natural crash cymbal). I’m using those dorico templates out there but no way. For whatever reason, I have noticed that I’m unable to play the different articulations of the BBC SO unpitched percussion.

The percussion maps seem to be fine, I do link the Bb3 key to the bowed articulation… But nothing. The rest of the notes aren’t working too. Anyone that has been able to manage this? I feel sooo dumb… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

(BTW: what about that DORICO 4.0 before the end of the year? any news?)

I’m afraid I can’t answer your BBC SO question, as I don’t have the library, but I can answer your question about Dorico 4. Dorico 4 will be arriving early in 2022. If you’d like more information, please see e.g. here.

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Hallo, in the Dorico Percussion map I set the keyswitches 0, 1, 2, …, 11 for the BBC unpitched instruments (techniques) where 0 ist set for the first one. And then, of course, the keyvalues for the different variations.
I have had problems too until I found to use 0-11 instead of “c-1” or C-2".
Maybe this is your problem too. For me its works fine.
In the Note Entry section of the Note Entry and Editing page
Program Settings you will find options for entering notes for
Percussion instruments - maybe you have to change to “use percussionmaps”
(Sorry my English)

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Thanks to you both!