BBCSO Core Legato

Hi all,

I am a new user of BBCSO Core with Dorico.

The string legato patches in BBCSO seem to be monophonic. I think this means I need to create separate instance of the BBCSO VST per voice when I do divisi etc (using independent playback settings).

I wonder if the team might consider a potential enhancement here - so that Dorico can be told a given VST is mono and create the right number of instances and assign them automatically?

I also discovered when doing this for violin II that Dorico adds an additional violin I patch. This looks like a (pretty minor) bug.

when I do what you’re doing for violin 1, then I get an extra violin 2 patch which confirms the strange behaviour. I would expect to get an extra violin 1 and for you to get an extra violin 2 though whether this is Dorico’s doing or something to do with the BBC template, I’m not quite sure. Of course you can switch the legato to “long” when polyphony is required as an alternative which sometimes works well.