BBCSO Discover playback wont recognize the dynamics I notated in the score

Im very new to Dorico and notation softwares so I appreciate any help you guys are willing to provide

to ensure the correct dynamics, you need to use an appropriate Expression Map for BBC Discover, otherwise the wrong controllers may be used for dynamics for instance. I suggest downloading the appropriate map and template from here and then using it in your project.

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Hello thank you for your message. I made sure that my playback template was the correct one, but during playback dynamics still don’t work and it only uses a static dynamic for the entirety of the piece

Hi @williambrookspotts, and welcome to the Forum!

Is it a project created directly in Dorico or it is a XML import?
Can you share your project, to investigate?

I tried with the expression map for BBCSO Discover: I managed to make the dynamics more hearable changing this:

  • in Playback options set the min. and max dynamic levels as in this picture:

  • in the expression map activate for all BBCSO elements and for every slot in each element the secondary dynamic on CC11 (for some it is already set in the EM):

After these changes the BBCSO sounds much wieder dynamically speaking, from pp to ff. (and you will see in the vst window, that it uses both the sliders (CC11 and CC1) to change the dynamic.

It is created directly in dorico, yes I will share it soon

I edited my previous post adding a suggestion: you can try that if you like.