BBCSO free update - expression map changes

Seems like there’s a fair number of BBCSO users here, they just sent out an email detailing a free 36GB update for Pro users. Really appreciate a sample provider who regularly updates their libraries.

As for updating the expression maps, AFAIK it appears that we get the Cimbasso as a new instrument, and new muted brass techniques, that need to be updated in the map. They updated the Extended Legato with new programming and such so that’s the same.


Well, yeah, updated expression maps will be needed. :slight_smile:
If @John_at_Steinberg is going to update the existing ones, would be better to turn offUse Secondary dynamic”. I find both CC 1 and CC 11 used simultaneously make the overall sound of the library very unbalanced.

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the brass mutes are all new so there will a few new entries to do tomorrow in the two brass Expression Maps (and a bit more work for the new instrument in Pro perhaps) but I don’t see any reason why that should detain us very long unless there’s more to it than meets the eye.

On Secondary Dynamic, I find it essential in BBC Core – the whole point is that the sliders must be used together because the relatively limited number of dynamic levels with sometimes quite sharp transitions mean you must have the option of also controlling by Expression (or volume as it actually is). But if you, Thurisaz, have a completely different way of working which produces good results, I’d love to hear it.

the update seems to be out now. From what I can see for Core users, there are extra entries required for mute long, mute staccatissimo and mute marcato in the “Horns and Trumpets” and “Trombones/Bass Trombones and Tuba” Expression Maps. Six in all. I’ll comment further if there seem to be notable changes in the sound or programmability and invite others to do the same.

Shouldn’t be the expression maps also updated for the newly solo instruments added legato (Extended) techniques?

  • Core: Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, and Tenor Trombone
  • Pro: Clarinet, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, Cor Anglais, Trumpet, and Tenor Trombone


as far as I can see the legato (extended) simply replaces the old legato and uses the same keyswitch.

Great news, thanks for the info (I don’t have updated BBBC SO yet): that means that the current expression maps are working with the “new” (I would say updated) legato (extended) if I understand correctly…

yes – any existing scores should work without significant alterations. I’m starting to check things out now and I’ll be interested to hear if anyone finds either marked improvements or, for that matter, bugs.

Well, I’m still waiting for the update… I’m not sure how clever it is to send mail telling there’s an update in 24h… And three days later, still nothing. I am glad this is not Steinberg’s policy.

Still waiting here too…

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Me too, and only 98 miles north of London! (but it has been snowing)

Marc hello,
I had the same issue, but it took me just 1h. to receive the update for BBC SO Pro.
Probably you may need to refresh the Spitfire Audio Download Manager by clicking here:

You could also logout and login again from the Download Manager, or simply to install newer version, if it’s old.
If nothing of the mentioned above helps, just contact the support guys. They are nice and helpful. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Thurisaz.
It ended up showing up this morning as an “install” item. No message, no"update". Maybe that’s why they sent emails!

probably the same as what I got. Remember that there is both a player and a library samples update and you need to run both – almost caught me out!

I have found that using secondary dynamic in the scale from 80 to 127, gives a nice edge without unbalancing the library. Also, one could balance the techniques (long/legato) by using secondary dynamic on everything and reducing it on the louder patches (64-90)

They probably are spacing out the installs so they don’t have too many people hitting the download servers and causing issues. With the pandemic and the release of Cubase 11 Steinberg’s license servers kept crashing because they had so many sales! They finally had to turn off sales for a few days to let the existing ones license the software. It was a real mess.

Mine came in the next day. The files updated fine, but I was unable to update the plugin. Finally got one of their tech support guys in a remote desktop control session and we found it was that I had to enable “Whole Disk Access” in System Preferences for the Spitfire app. Took me down for two days.

Hmm, working with Timpani and I want to use the “HITS SOFT” technique (D-1), but it seems like it got missed - I don’t see it in the “BBCSO Timpani” Expression map at least.

How should this be notated, any thoughts? Best I’ve seen maybe is a “Soft” dynamic, but I’m not sure how to notate that.

yes, the Timpani EM entries don’t really correspond to the actual articulations with some missing and others duplicating. As I’m used to only two or three timp patches, it’s never bothered me so much that the BBC SO is so generous in that department!