BBCSO playback template crashes on M1

Hi all,

With a new M1 macbook pro I’m trying to run BBCSO natively, instead of through VEP. I can load up and run the plugins individually but the Dorico version of the BBCSO playback template crashes the program every time I try to load it up. When I try to ‘e’ edit the plugin it just hangs. Also crashes the audio engine.

I’ve also got two versions of the keyswitch map loaded. One has every instrument available and one just has sections, but only the sections map correctly maps articulations. Weird.

Could the playback template be looking for an older version of the spitfire plugin? I’ve just updated to 1.5 and have confirmed I’m using the intel versions of the plugins for now, until silicon support happens here and in my other DAWs.


Hi John,
would you please do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the corresponding zip file to a reply in here? That will contain the crash files as well as other logs and useful information. After having seen all that, I can say more about your case. Thanks

My immediate thought is RAM, or in M1’s case unified memory. How much do you have? Do you see Dorico/BBCSO eating up all of your ram?

Its not RAM, I’ve got 64 gigs. I also have a smaller 12 player project and I tried to just switch it over to the BBC playback template and that causes the same issue. It looks like it loads but then never gets to a green playhead saying its ready. Instead I get a lower right corner error alert saying that the audio engine is disconnected.

It certainly sounds as if the audio engine is crashing. Please generate the diagnostic report as requested by Ulf so we can take a look.

Thanks, Daniel.

I tried switching a file into the BBC playback setting and it gave me SPOD. But launching the BBC template file let me generate a diagnostics file.

Dorico (685.4 KB)

Thanks – it certainly looks like it’s the BBC Symphony Orchestra plug-in that’s causing the crash, but I’ll check this with Ulf.

Well, it is true that that one crash file points at BBCSO as being the culprit of the crash, but that crash happened during shutdown of Dorico. On the other hand, John reports mainly problems during loading of the template files, so that means they are two different issues.
But since there is only this one crash file, it seems that the loading only gets stuck but does not actually crash the engine.
@gzapper could you agree on having a remote screen sharing session, so that I can see myself how the whole system is behaving?

Sure, Ulf, we can do a remote screenshare. Is a zoom screenshare enough or do you need to log in?
When is good for you? I’m around for the next day or so.

I’ve sent you a private message, John, please check.

When I read the title of this thread I wondered: “What was somebody doing driving a BBCSO Template on the M1?” :grinning:

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I suppose he was “driving home for Christmas” to compose the ultimate Xmas song :wink: