BBCSO playback template crashes on M1

Thanks, done.
I will let you know.

Hi Ulf, I can’t remember if we ever resolved my issue either. Seems so long ago.
I’m now on D4 with an M1 macbook Max with 64Gb, which is a rocking machine.

I’m loading up an orch file I did with BBCSO in the background right now. Also loaded up a piece I did using my pc loaded with VEP (Vienna Ensemble Pro) and then switched it over to a playback template using BBCSO loaded internally which ran fine. There were a couple of funny things that happened upgrading the file from 3.5 to 4 and then from VEP to internal. D4 reset the first time signature and then didn’t play some articulations correctly. Otherwise its working fine now.

Just downloading D4.2 right now!

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