BBCSO pro expression maps

Hi, I’m struggling to temporarily change the programmed articulation for violins 1 when playing crotchets. It defaults to long which has a slower attack than the legato patch. I can’t find a way to override this for a few bars only, is this even possible?

if you want something between “long” and “staccato” for normal playing then you’ll need to use “legato”. Long also has little in the way of attack – seems with the strings to me to be primarily designed for harmonic layering. My solution is to make the more flexible “legato” the default patch and create a new p.t called sostenuto or something for “long” for when you do actually want long. The inability of the BBCSO to play polyphonic legato is a bit of a downer but it depends on what sort of music you write whether it’s a minor or more serious deficiency.