BBCSO Pro VE Pro Template - Unpitched Percussion Mapping Question

Hey folks,

I’m almost finished with a complete VE Pro setup for BBC SO Pro.
Everything is mapped and working wonderfully!

Here’s my last frontier…
How should I configure unpitched percussion?

As of now, I have just one instance of the unpitched Percussion patch, and the endpoint configuration and expression map seem to work OK, except for the suspended cymbal, which triggers the bass drum, but all the other instruments seem to work.

Any ideas as to how to properly route the suspended cymbal?

Would it be better to have one instance per instrument?

Was wondering if anyone may have thoughts on this…

Coming very late to this game! I am in the midst of setting up a VEP7/BBCSO Pro template and in the course of doing so I compare it with John’s template, which does not use VEP7. He setup most of the percussion instruments individually (some of them are only linked to “Anvil” and should probably be re-routed to the proper instrument).

However, his template uses BBCSO Pro 1.2 (from what I can see) and I only ever had 1.5, so I have no idea, whether the structure of the library changed. “Anvil”, “Tam Tam”, Tambourine" etc can be found under the rather strange term “Toys” (Tam Tam is a toy?) – has this always been so?

Eventually what I would also like to know is what Timothy already asked: should untuned percussion instruments be separate tracks in VEP?

@John_at_Steinberg John, could it be that your BBCSO Pro template needs some fixing?

John setup both a direct template and a VEP7 template for Iconica. Perhaps looking at those could give you some clues how to handle your situation.

Yes, I have them here, too. But Iconica is different from Spitfireaudio in that it works via HALion Sonic (which has slots), while BBCSO needs a separate plugin for each and every instrument. So the list gets incredibly long, when assigning each and every percussion instrument to its own VEP track. But ATM I still have not touched Expression maps, so any tip from someone who has gone done that path already would be most appreciated.

@TimothyWhalenMusic How did you assign VEP slot to your instruments? IN my case, Piccolo 1 works fine, but I already have no clue how to connect to e.g. Piccolo 2? I can add a VEP plugin, but I cannot connect to the Woodwind group in VEP, because that one is already taken… How can that be solved?

Wrong thinking on my part. It is of course possible to address an already existing VEP Plugin in the “Track Inspector” and assign a different MIDI channel there.