BBCSO Project & Playback Pro available and issues

I suggest you watch
I found it really amazing.

Hi Marc, although this Cubase example is a long way from I do in practice, I can see that it does have an effect. There isn’t enough time before the deal expires to try out whether it would really improve the performance of the BBC Core orchestra --the only one where I would really welcome improvements, although I could see that when I have to mix libraries, which again is largely with the BBC, that it could enable me to get a better overall control of my resources. Perhaps next time the deal comes around…

Dear dko22,
Since I pulled the trigger, I will let you know here how it gets — when I find time to explore… Hopefully this will really prove useful.

that’s very kind. I have been curious about VEP for a while but have not yet found a clear reason to invest in it. However, as I’ve expanded my libraries quite a bit this year the situation is a bit different from before.

well, I’ve finally decided to try out VE Pro after my BBC Core completely chocked on the final chord of a symphony I’m converting. Completely now to this, I’m planning a simple setup – 3 instances with woodwind, bass and strings/percussion. I assume I should use port 1 for the first instance port 2 for the second and port 3 for the third and have set this up both in the endpoint setup, VE Pro and the instrument list as you can see from the screenshot. The woodwind on port 1 works fine but the brass is silent. Have I completely misunderstood the procedure or is there simply something I’ve forgotten to do? Many thanks!

PS perhaps I should use three instances of the VE Pro plug-in and use port 1 the whole way as I did with VE. Trying that now – if that’s OK will mark as solved.

ok, it works fine when using it the way as the standard VE. It definitely reduces processor load but if anything uses even more memory, it seems. Will investigate further.

I found a dramatic improvement when I cleared out the 32 unused instances in the Dorico PLAY window and started from scratch. In theory, empty instances are not supposed to use system resources but in fact the memory use was hugely reduced after doing this. In addition, I went through to make further corrections to my current project and there were none of these endless waits for simple edits which happened frequently yesterday.

I guess you could call me a convert. :grinning:

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You need two plugins set up in vst instruments in playback.
Vienna Ensemble pro - this sets your midi ins and outs
Vienna Ensemble input - this sets your audio outs
setup pro to log into VEP, assign the event input to the same server
Assign midi inputs to the pro plugin.

I’ve got the BBCSO pro running on VEP on a intel NUC, so that I have a tiny server that’s mobile enough to take with my laptop. So far its amazing. I set up four instance of both of the vienna plugins so I’m running BBC woodwinds, brass, perc and strings as separate instruments in VEP.

Now my only issue is trying to figure out what’s going on with the bass drum percussion mapping.

Otherwise its really fast and sounding great.

I understand the relationship of the VEP Server and the client plug-in. My question was whether in order to minimize any delay loading VEP instruments after the initial server load-in required all Instances (Iconica, BBCSO, etc.) to be co-resident on the server at load-in, since one can ask the server to load different configurations. I assume each time one asked the server to switch configurations, one would experience a delay.

I have heard some composers say that they never experienced loading delays because they loaded all their sounds at startup and then could draw on them as they needed. Once I saw the Iconica configuration John B. did, I wondered whether I would need to add all my other libraries into that setup to be able to draw on them seamlessly.

Depends on your system, sample libraries and usage, really.
If you’ve enough RAM and are using a different computer for VEP there’s no reason not to load everything you’ve got. If you’ve not got enough RAM and are running it on your Dorico computer you may want to pick and choose and load specific to your project. You can also build one massive server setup with everything and then only power up the instruments you need per project, but that will still take loading time.

Thanks for this thread. I should have noticed it earlier, We are 9 months later but the situation is still the same. Impossible to use the BBCSO template. I lost hours on testing and never used as many forced quits as this week. Dorico freezes my MBP or spins the ball for hours at the weirdest moments like when you quit a session with the template without saving.

However using VEP solves most of the issues. I created a VEP with instances for each BBCSO section. Two for percussion due to the 16 channel limit my DAW, Logic has. I did not experiment with a second port yet.

The only issue I still have is that Dorico keeps using the solo instruments in my template even with VEP when I import from Logic with MusicXML despite having both the Leaders and section players in the Dorico template and having added on purpose empty tracks for Leaders in Logic. When I Import the strings and woodwinds full group score shows in the Leaders lanes and the section player lanes remain empty. If anyone has an idea how to solve this. It is very welcome. Manual correction changing the vST instruments and changing expression maps and or shifting the notes is time consuming.

Finally I managed to load string sections to the correct BBCSO instruments… The trick is to in the Dorico template setup put the 5 string section leaders in a group below the 5 string sections. Both the sections and the leaders now play using the correct VEP channel.

All 10 load from the same VEP instance and I kept the usual order. So violins 1 Leader is channel 1, violins 1 section channel 2. Violin2 Leader Channel 3 etc.

In logic I could also keep the tracks in the usual order v1 leader, v1 section, v2 leader, v2 section etc,

For the piece with 13 BBCSO Pro instruments It works smooth without freeze or long loading. I run VEP on the same MBP. So not on a server!