BBCSO Staccato Volume (Dorico 3.5)

I’m just getting my head around expression maps with the help of some of Dorico’s excellent tutorial videos. I am using BBCSO Core and have downloaded the expression maps from Dorico but am having trouble with short notes. I have a section of semi-quavers played pianissimo at 120bpm, but when played back the volume of them is too low to hear. I notice that the BBCSO doesn’t have pianissimo patches so switches to Staccatissimo and it’s almost as if the notes are too short for the sample to play properly.

I’m sure the answer is fairly straight forward - even for a rank beginner to the world of expression maps - but any help would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


Sorry for this might sound rude, but… have you tried NotePerformer?
Ok, that was not the question. I must say I was far from impressed with the result of the BBCSO discover sounds, the strings felt so slow. That might be the problem you’re facing with now.

Hi Marc,

No, it’s not rude in the slightest. I do have NotePerformer and quite like it. I agree, it’s almost as if the BBCSO sound sample is too slow for staccatissimo, as if the attack of the note is too long.