BBCSO Template + Long Harmonic on Violin 1


I am using the BBCSO Violin 1 and the expression map provided by Steinberg.

It seems to work fine for several articulations except from the Artificial Harmonic.

I am trying to understand why Dorico does not trigger it.

Please note that all the KEYSWITCHES in the BBCSO are an Octave Higher than the Expression map, but they all work apart from the Harmonic

ScreenHunter 3940

change the Middle C to C4 in the EM and then your switches will match the BBC values as it, like many other libraries, uses C4. The artificial harmonic works fine here – please check you have it set correctly in Properties as in the screenshot below. If it still doesn’t work, then reapply the Playback Template and if still no joy, pls. attach the actual project for checking just in case you’ve made some unintended change.

great that worked. I didn’t need to change the middle C, it was just the way in which I set the harmonic in properties. Thanks!

glad it’s now working. There’s no need of course to change the middle C – it’s just easier for checking that the EM (esp. if you go on to create your own) actually matches the keyswitches set in the library.