BBCSO (with VE Pro) Strings Dynamic Issue / Question

I run BBCSO on VE Pro, and can’t seem to figure this out…

I have a “ff” written for string, along with accents, but it is playing back very legato and very soft.

I have John’s expression maps and endpoint configurations setup, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make a this the volume it should be at.

When I click on a note, it reflects the proper dynamic and articulation, but when I playback, it’s soft.
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 10.57.21 AM

John’s template uses the “long” patch as default. This is designed for rather slow chordal writing and, although I would hardly regard the output as written very soft, it has little attack. You should probably be using the marcato articulation instead for the effect I suspect you want. When you just click on a single note to audition, it does sound different so that’s maybe the reason for the confusion.

If you’re still convinced there’s something not right, attach the project and I’ll check it out here.

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