BCF 2000 Setup - "Adjacent" USB Ports ... IRQ?

Hi - I’m preparing to set up a BCF 2000 controller via USB (I don’t have MIDI inputs into my interface), and one of the sets of instructions said to be sure not to connect the BCF via a USB port that is “adjacent” to one already in use for audio …

…because the controller is often the same one, and the IRQ is divided between the two connectors

.(Say hello to Dino, the XP dinosaur from 7 years ago :slight_smile:).

My audio interface is a Delta 66 PCI-mounted card. My concern is I have my Yamaha Motif currently connected via USB MIDI, and I don’t want to mess things up during connection of the BCF2000. On the outside of my computer all 4 of the ports are “adjacent” (a 2x2 configuration), but I suspect what is meant is inside. It’s not obvious to me from inspecting the USB Controllers list in Device Manager which port my Motif is connected to, and which is not “adjacent”:

(Motherboard Product Guide: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d915pbl/sb/cs-012046.htm )

Does anybody have a suggestion as to the safest way to proceed here? I will of course do a Restore Point as well as an image drive backup before proceeding, but even so, any advice would be much appreciated -


I have a BCF 2000, but I cannot find where in it’s documentation that

is said.

By “adjacent” it probably means vertically (oriented to the motherboard, not your case).

It may say this due to the high bandwidth needed by audio hardware.
But in your case, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Thanks, Shinta. The quote was from the English translation of the document from here:


Why shouldn’t I have to worry in my case? I always have to worry about something, otherwise I get nervous :wink: :laughing: ! But seriously, Jerome Espace is a pretty knowledgeable dude about the BCF, so ignoring his advice isn’t something I’d do lightly.

Thanks -