BCF scrolling through plugins

Hello all,
I recently purchased a BCR2000 to replace my BCF2000, as my space is limited and the BCR has a lot more encoders. The only function I can’t emulate on the BCR is when the BCF is in Cubase emulation mode and the Learn button is pressed the 3rd encoder from the left scrolls through all the plugins available (when in a track’s insert section).

I also have a Novation keyboard with Automap if that would be any better.

Pretty obscure question :slight_smile:



What kind of protocol do you use with BCR? BCF is using Mackie Control as far as I know. Mackie Control allows this bidirectional comunication. Did you set also BCR as Mackie Control?

I’m using Generic Remote, which also has bidirectional communication, for the BCR2000, couldn’t get it working under Mackie Control. Just picked up a Steinberg CMC, maybe that can do it.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, Generic Remote has bidirectional comunication, but it doesn’t send this kind of information.