BCF2000: avoiding affecting VSTi when adjusting fader

I move a fader and my VSTi starts screeching till I stop moving the fader. How can I stop this? I don’t want the BCF to transmit to my VSTi when I move a fader.

You’d have to edit what the BCF is transmitting and filter out note on/off commands and other stuff that’s not only unneeded but it can actually be misinterpreted by Cubase. I know the Behringer editing software is horrendous (not to mention hardly compatible with recent Windows/OSX versions) and unless you’re very familiar with how the unit transmits and receives MIDI, it isn’t really easy at all. I suggest you ask for help in a bcf forum (pretty sure there is one, use google/bing) or maybe on gearslutz, where I’ve seen some pretty extensive BCF posts by people who seemed to know a lot about it.

Or sell the thing and buy two CMC-FD modules. That’s what I would do.

Do one of two things…


  1. make sure the input routing of your vsti is not set to “All MIDI Inputs”


  1. go to Device Setup/MIDI/MIDI port Setup… under the column “In All MIDI” clear the boxes of your BCF

Best of luck!

That would be #1.

Thanks, it really has been awhile.