BCF2000 & BCR2000 cubase advice needed



I got a Behringer BCF2000 yesterday and I am pleased with it so far.
This is all new to me so I’m happy that I got it working in Mackie mode with Cubase 8.5 pro thanks to some YouTube tutorials.
It doesn’t work a 100% as I hoped though but it’s not a huge deal.
The faders work, the panning works, muting channels, play, stop, all of that works.
The thing that doesn’t seem to work is controlling the inserts with the IFX mode.
I can select an insert slot, choose and effect and turn them off and on with Mackie mode but I can’t select or edit any parameters.

The rotary options on the BCF2000 are a bit limited anyway so I decided to also get a BCR2000 to control the plugins.
Now my first question is:

-Can I run the BCF2000 in mackie mode via USB and also run my BCR2000 in another mode at the same time in cubase via USB?
I only want to use the BCR for tweaking plugins, mostly Slate plugins.
Or is this not possible and will I have to also run the BCF2000 in another mode in order to get them both working at the same time?
I’m having a hard time finding any info about his.
Not sure if Mackie mode is a mode that excludes any other midi signals from other devices in Cubase.

-If not, what would be a good way to run BCF2000 and BCR2000 together?
I know I can connect them via midi but I’m afraid this will overcomplicate things for me a bit since I’m new to this.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


I actually have another question that could maybe lead to a workaround to this issue.
Is there a way to assign quick controls to the rotary controls of the BCF2000 when it is in Mackie mode?
I love Mackie mode so it would be awesome if something like that would be possible…

Do these help?



Thank you.
Those articles are helpful indeed.
They don’t really answer my question though but I’d imagine it’s not easy to answer.
I’m going to get a BCR2000 to use alongside my BCF to control plugin parameters.
That will be great!

I’ve edited the original post to suit the new situation.
Help is still appreciated! :slight_smile:

I also made a post on GS.
This guy Detch keeps telling me that it’s very hard to impossible to get the BCR to control plugins in Cubase.
I did see some videos where people were successfully using both so it has to be possible.
I just don’t know where to start…

Here is the GS thread:https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/1112134-bcf2000-bcr2000-cubase-advice-needed.html#post12134357

Use the VST quick controls in the Inspector. Works with my BCR2000. Check page 605 in the Manual.

Thanks for your reply.
After doing a lot of reading it seems like quick controls are the only option to make this work.
Too bad I can then only have 8 controls while the BCR has about 32.
Or am I missing something?

I believe you can add more than 8, using Cubase’s RCE (Remote Control Editor), as mentioned in the SOS article I linked to above.

As far as I know the remote control editor doesn’t work with the generic remote.
It only works with the selectable remotes in the drop-down menu.
I’d love for someone to prove me wrong but I’ve been doing a lot of reading in various threads and nobody has been able to make that work.

The article I linked to said to use the VST Quick Control , not the Genetic Remote. Did you try that?

Thanks again for your reply!
I tried that but it didn’t work.
Maybe I am doing something wrong but if I understand correctly the VST Quick Control only works for VST instruments and not mixing plugins.