BCF2000 cascading mute / solo issue


I hope, I don’t get hanged, but I didn’t found any solution by now. I want to run two BCF2000 on 8.5.20 to control just volume, pan, mute and solo. When setting the BCFs into Baby Hui mode, all controls are running fine, solo is assigned to the upper row of the buttons and mute to the lower row, but I’m not able to cascade both of them, they just both “synchronizing” each other.
When the BCFs are running in Mackie Mode, the faders and pans are expanded to the desired 16 channels, but the the upper row of buttons is assigned to mute and the lower row is assigned to “channel select”, not to the mute function as I would like to have. Is there a quick solution or do I need a Midi mapper software? I don’t care which mode I have to run on the BCFs nor where buttons are located (upper or lower row for mute or solo).

Thank you for hints!


Hi and welcome,

I was searching (nad also tried) for Mackie HUI cascading. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything relevant. And zpět he result of my testing points to the fact, you cannot cascade Mackie HUI devices (I really wonder!!!).

So the only way I could imagine is to make own BCF2000 template, which will copy the MCU template, but send Note On of the Solo button (not Mute) for the buttons. Then use Mackie Control protocol in Cubase and your customized template on BCF2000.

Actually, I figured out, by pressing the upshift + upper button, it will be the “solo” funktion. I’ll see, how to assing the right data to the button.