BCF2000 controller question

Can anyone tell me if the BCF2000 controller should work in C5.x.x 64bit under W7 64bit?
Perhaps more pertinent is whether the BCView software will work.
Everything was working fine on a C5 32bit under WXP32bit. Now the BCF will control the soft faders on the mixer, but the opposite is not true, also, after adjustment, the motor fader jumps back to the bottom of it’s travel. The BCView panel is just a blue rectangle.

I’ve read that some have it working under Cubase 7 but have seen no info as to whether they are using 32bit or 64bit - windows and Cubase 32bit or 64bit.

I have the firmware version 1.10 (latest) and the USB MIDI Driver V1.0.1.0

I put the BCF back onto my XP PC and tried the various drivers. I found that only the Version of the driver will function with the BCView. Version 32 bit doesn’t work. Unfortunately the 64bit driver is also and the V1.2.1.3 I couldn’t load onto W7 64bit.
So I don’t understand why some people say they have it working and unfortunately give no details.