BCR2000 <-> Cubase 9 preset switching SOLVED

Hey folks !

First time posting here since, so my apoligies if i’m not in the correct sub,

I have a little problem with my new BCR2000 which i use for my mixer & vst parameters

First some relevant info on my setup

Cubase 9 (latest) 9.0.1 i guess
Focusrite 2i2 (hooked up via usb3.0)
Behringer CBR2000 (hooke dup via usb3.0)

My problem:

I got the BCR all set up, and using a generic controller template to control it and to assign the parameters into it, which went flawless for my the first preset on the BCR

basicly i want to set it up so i can have a folder track for each preset:
1 - Drum
2 - Syths
3 - Lead
4 -Ppercussion

To give you an idea

But when i switch to preset 2, cubase doesn’t seems to recornize it when i add a new layer in the generic controller, so when i setup a parameter on a knob in preset 2 it just changes it in preset 1

Any help would be much appriciated !


Edit: it’s solved, i feel silly now, when i use a second bank in the gerenic remote, i don’t have to switch presets on the controller itself obvisously