BCR2000 - NI Komplete 8

Hello people of Cubase land…

I admit that i am a new comer to MIDI but am struggling to set up my Behringer BCR2000 to use as a controller for Native Instruments Komplete 8 VSTis (64bit) inside Cubase 6 (64bit) and could really do with some help.

I am able to set the Behringer up so that it controls the parameters of the VSTi’s but it does not appear to be receiving data back, for example: If i am running multiple instances of Massive i would like to be able to switch between the instances and the different values of the parameters to be reflected on the BCR2000 - example - Currently if Massive 1 - Osc1 is set to 10 and Massive 2 - Osc 1 is set to 20, when i switch between instances of the device this is not reflected by updating the LED’s on the hardware and i assume that this is some kind of data feed back issue that i haven’t gotten my head around. I have had a scootch through the manuals, watched some videos and looked at Device and MIDI Manager but cannot figure it out. Cubase appears to be quite powerful in its application of MIDI so i will be surprised if i am unable to do this.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated as it’s literally killing me not being able to figure this out.


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