BCR2000 Request Data (parameter status) in Cubase 7.5


So I have just got my BCR2000 up and running again after having ruined the firmware in it some time ago, trying to send sysex files to it (nevermind, it doesn’t really matter).

Here’s what I want to do;

I want to be able to set up a Generic Remote script in Cubase 7.5, to have the 1st preset on the BCR2000 control various parameters of the currently selected VST instrument of my choice.
I want to be able to switch between VST instruments (both duplicates of the same and completely different ones) and have the BCR2000 automatically update the LED lights around the rotaries to display the current values set on the currently selected VST instrument.’
I want to be able to switch presets on any given VST instrument and have the BCR2000 reflect those changes as well (it doesn’t have to be an automatic thing, but at least some shorter command to get it working).

Here’s how it’s currently working;

I have set up a simple Generic Remote for 2 VST instruments for testing reasons only. The BCR2000 now controls those parameters just fine for those 2 VST instruments I’ve added there when I have them selected in Cubase 7.5. It also works for any instances of them created afterwards, the parameters update just fine when I switch between them and also when I move the parameters in the VST GUI it’s reflected on the BCR2000.


(you might think…)

But then as soon as I change the preset on the actual VST itself, the BCR2000 keeps the original state of the LED lights and with this behavior I get the exact issue I wanted to get rid of in the first place by purchasing the BCR2000. If I twist the rotary on the BCR now it will simply jump to whichever value it was currently set to. But if I would change the parameter on the VST GUI, the LED lights on the BCR reflect those changes just fine.
What I don’t want to do here is have to click all the parameters on the VST I want to control manually to have the BCR reflect those changes every single time I want to change the preset on the VST.

Now there is a snapshot send function on the BCR that seems to work just fine. I hold the EDIT button on it and press Preset <- and it’ll send a snapshot to Cubase and send all the current rotary positions to the VST that is selected. You would think that the same would be possible in reverse…

The BCR manual briefly mentions this;

Current value settings of the MIDI device connected to your B-CONTROL can be transmitted to your B-CONTROL using the data request function (provided that the MIDI device supports this function, and a request command was defined using the editor software). In this case, the MIDI device doesn’t send data; the B-CONTROL requests them instead.

-Press the LEARN key while the EDIT key is kept pressed. The request takes place, and the B-CONTROL indicates the controller values of the receiving MIDI device on the LED ring or through fader positions."

I have that editor software mentioned in the manual, and I have found the LEARN output section which supposedly is used to define what actually happens when I use that button command on the BCR. But this is where my progress comes to a halt. I have no idea what to put in there, to have Cubase actually send those parameter values to the BCR using that function. I imagine it’d have something to do with a sysex line of sorts but I have been spending countless hours now searching the web for information on how to get this working, and the information is vague at best.
Really, the information online for stuff about the BCR is almost completely worthless. So I am hoping for someone with knowledge of this to help me figure this out as this machine has done nothing but gather dust since the day I bought it.

Thanks a bunch in advance, I’m eagerly waiting for some insight.