Be able to route multiple exports through a single group or master.

When exporting stems (multiple groups) I often need them to go through my master effects, so an option like Reaper and some other DAWs where you can route multiple exports through one group or the master fader would make a big difference time-wise. Even if it means exporting the selected output tracks one at a time automatically through the group or master, it would make a big difference. Thanks!

You can do that with render in place.

Render in place is only for actual events. I’m referring to exporting large amounts of groups all going through the master or another specified group, for my film projects.

What about making parts out of events and size them to your export range?

That’s how I do it.

I’m definitely interested in a workaround until we get this feature. So how do you tie the events to a Mixer Group, since there’s no audio on a Mixer Group track?

Look at the render selection dialog:

Tick ‘complete signal path + master fx’ and ‘mix down to one audio file’ for all selected events (or parts of the size of your export range) to be rendered through all groups and the master. You have to do it one by one/stem by stem still.

Ah, I didn’t know you could export multiple events/tracks together.

This is cool, though it would take about the same amount of time as it currently does, exporting group by group through the master. The feature I’m proposing would be a significant improvement…here’s hoping they do it some day.