Be able to see precise value and amount of change with Trim Automation tool.

This is essential for precise mixing of anything, be it music or post production. In my mixes I very, very often need to adjust things by precise amounts. Being able to see EXACTLY how much you’re trimming something, both the amount of change and the actual level, is standard in professional DAWs like Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One, and others for a very good reason, and we need to have it in Cubase. We have it when we move automation using a node, and it’s great…and we 100% need it on the trim tool, too.

Thanks for listening – you’re ALMOST there with the Trim Automation feature – let’s get it to where it needs to be to compete with the other DAWs that have it.

Bump. This small addition is very much needed - will benefit everybody.

Yep. Got to be done please SB