Be careful when using "Remove Empty Tracks"

When using ‘track version’ on a track and select or create a version with no events, like a new one for example.
If you use ‘Remove empty tracks’ after, the tracks with empty versions selected will be deleted without prompt even if other versions contains events.
It makes me cry one time, and now I never use this function again.
Which is very handy with ‘render in place’ for me.

1- create a track
2- create 2 versions of this track : one with events, the other empty
3- select the empty one
4- select ‘remove empty tracks’
5- track’s gone

I post this in issue as I consider it is not a normal behavior and as I expected they apparently not consider this as an issue, so be careful.


win 7 64bit, cubase 8.0.5

Same behaviour with Cubase Pro 8.0.10 :frowning:

Sometimes I make a lot of edits in a short period of time. If I didn’t read this post I might have concluded that I was responsible for (inadvertently) deleting tracks that contained data. Now I know better. Thanks for sharing!

Did you file a report or support request, if you didn’t then steinberg could be out of the loop :unamused:

This is extremely important to know. Much thanks for the heads up.

I report this in ‘Issue Report’ in the forum.
I didn’t receive an approval.
Perhaps I didn’t follow exactly the rules.
I will repost paying attention to the rules.

Does Undo not restore the tracks?

It should go without saying to be judicious when using any function with the words “Remove All…”

Never trust a computer! Never!

I’ll ask again. Can’t you just hit Undo and the tracks are back in place?

Great info.

PS. Combine this with auto-save, and you may not be able to hit Undo :wink:

Yes, I suppose.

That is incorrect.

To remove empty tracks just set up a PLE preset. it’s easily and safe.

How so?

If you delete/remove empty tracks, and the auto-save kicks in… Before you hit the Undo :confused: ??

Auto save doesn’t affect the undo chain AFAIK… only closing the project deletes the undo chain.

Will check.

So if you save with Ctrl+S, the undo chain are still available?
Will check that to :confused:

PS. If so, I have not considered this for the 15 last years :laughing:

Yes - but you need to have noticed. If you run a projects with hundreds of tracks and you were used to this function being reliable… you may not notice. Typical Steinberg half-arsedness.

Yes you can undo it if you noticed it quickly.

Yes the history is still available until you close the project.

Exactly !

They finally accept my issue report. :slight_smile:

Also, removing empty tracks should not remover the recorded audio from the pool!