Be Careful with C11 , win 10 and firewire

Ok i was a bit cocky saying no firewire issues but BE WARNED for some strange reason with no updated installed past win 10 -20H2 my FF400 in the middle of a project lost contact with the comp .
I checked the Fw cable ,
Checked the card ,
Pulled the rack apart to see if it was the cable on the back of the FF but it just would not connect , but then i read that win 10 is no longer supporting FW but if you download the legacy drivers you can install them and it will work , which it has ,so this is just a reminder that you will at some point more than likely get the same issue with FW and win 10 but at least there’s a work around .
Why the whole driver dropped contact mid project i don’t know but it knocked out the whole 1394 card and yes it’s a TI card

Good to know, thanks for the tip !

Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

That’s odd. I updated to 20H2 with no issue, using a SIIG card with TI chip.

So did i . But it lost all connection and drivers . i had to redownload the legacy Win 8.1 driver and install it and then the reinstall the RME drivers . I thought the firewire card had finally given up the ghost it is 15 years old lol . Anyway . it seems more stable now than before so maybe up dating window from 1909 to 2004 and then 2h02 took it’s toll on the driver and it needed reinstalling .
Windows 10 Definitely doesn’t support firewire any more but at least you can still down load the driver .

I can’t use an SIIG card , jitter makes it unusable it has to be TI :smiley:

I’m on Win 10 vers 1903 and I had the same problem some time ago. Had to get and older FW driver 6.1.7601.22370. Works fine :slight_smile:
Fireface 800 and T1 card.

Cheers. I have an old FireWire interface on my 2nd pc which my son uses. No problems do far but at least I know what to do now

Exactly , that’s the point , just to let people know , if it saves the hassle i went through then it’s all good :smiley: :slight_smile:

Yeah, 9 months from now I’ll be staring at a monitor thinking, “I know there was a thread on here about this somewhere…”

Ahh , my work here’s done , fold it up and put to in your wallet for safe keeping :laughing: :wink: