Be gentle: Determine where peak energy is coming from?

Been using WL for 20 years and I’m embarrassed to ask this. From time to time I’ll have a file like this with a ginormous peak like in the circle. And to my aging ears, I can’t for the life of me determine where the ‘energy’ is coming from because it -sounds- not much different from the surrounding material on any of my headphones, monitors.

I’ll open the bit in Spectral Editor and see various blobs but that doesn’t really help with what I want.

Ideally, I don’t want to doctor this WAV. What I want is to know is which source track is causing the spike and go back and edit that source in Cubase.

So… what’s the ‘pro’ way to do that kind of analysis?


Don’t know how to fix it, offhand. Source? Dunno either. But the event could simply be outside the audible range.


Looks like an transient high frequency or rimshot maybe !?
How does it sound ?

regards S-EH

It does indeed look like it is a snare or other percussive sound. The only way I know to work out what it is likely to be is to listen to it.

See what happens if you edit out just the individual ‘spike’ in that section of the waveform.

So… tangentially, is there a way to do a screen cap of the spectrograph/spectrogram. OR, can one re-assign the key combo Y/Z? I can never seem to ‘freeze’ the snaphot at the moment I want to capture.

It works here. Use a shortcut there:

  1. Is there nothing Wavelab doesn’t do? :smiley:

  2. Totally unrelated, but… can you tell me what software you use to do the screencaps and arrows? Thanks.

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