Be part of it - Steinberg online survey

Is anyone else getting the update page when clicking on the survey link provided by Helge?

Right link :sunglasses:

Yeah, I sent Helge a message about it, you can find it yourself by going to and follow the news item, or just take the link Niles gave you :slight_smile:

Sounds promising btw, always good to have the devs listen !

Aloha guys (and Mahalo niles)
I too got transported to the wrong place.

lol, what a useless set of questions …

Do you consider Steinberg to be more like an apple or an orange.

You have to answer questions across all applications/hardware. If they get anything useful from those questions they are fooling themselves.


Yes. I tried to leave some responses blank in cases where either a question was irrelevant or the available responses didn’t include a suitable option, but I was obliged to go back and enter garbage in order to get my form submitted.