Beachball in different editing processes

Hi all,

I’m usind Nuendo 12.0…40 via Rosetta on a Mac Studio. I can’t tell, when this issue started exactly, but I didn’t run any updates. Beachball, i.e. workflow delay happens on these steps: create/delete track, open/apply auto align, loudness analysis. Any ideas/help? Thanks in advance

Have you perhaps changed something else on your computer? New components for the computer? (If that’s even possible on this machine.) New plug-ins installed? Changed settings in Nuendo?

Does the problem only occur with certain projects? Or with all projects?

Thanks. Same settings, no new plug ins. Nuendo 12.0.30 to 12.0.40 was the only thing last month. It’s over all projects. But even Nuendo 11 behaves the same way now.

Of course, at a distance it’s hard to diagnose. And if Nuendo 11 also has the same problem, then it really seems to be the computer itself. Otherwise, I would have now recommended uninstalling Nuendo once and then reinstalling it. Occasionally that has helped me when a program wouldn’t work properly.

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