Beam Grouping on Piano staff

I want to set a custom beam grouping rule for a particular bar in the treble clef only of a piano score using [2+1+2+2+1]/8. Dorico for iPad also applies this rule to the corresponding base clef although I have only selected the treble clef notes. Is it possible to apply a custom beam group to a single bar and leave all other bars unaffected?

It is, provided you have an external keyboard to hand: you can then hold Alt when you press Return to apply the time signature you are creating only to the current staff.

Thank you Daniel
Could I request that this be made available for iPad as a touchscreen setting?
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More generally … to what extent does the absence of a keyboard limit the iPad user within Dorico? Are these keyboard actions all documented somewhere …? Thank you!

To be honest, I find Dorico for iPad way easier to use now that I bought the iPad magic keyboard (trackpad +keyboard)

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Thanks Marc
I accept that a keyboard might well make things easier using Dorica for iPad but what I’d really like to know is how much function is actually lost without one (as in this example) …

I’m afraid I don’t think I can provide a comprehensive reply, Mark, at least not without spending a lot of time thinking about it, time which I don’t have right at the moment. In general the intention is that it should be possible to use Dorico for iPad effectively with only the device itself and not requiring either a QWERTY keyboard or a MIDI keyboard, but like Dorico on the desktop, certain operations are only possible with the use of keyboard shortcuts.

No problem Daniel. If the intention is to give the iPad only version full function then a pop-up virtual keyboard with all the Apple keyboard buttons is all that would be required.


I bought an external keyboard and did as you suggested using Alt-Return to constrain the beam grouping to a selected bar. I have confirmed that this does work for Dorica Pro on a Macbook but it does not work with Dorica for iPad (other bars are affected regardless of the Alt button being used). Keyboard going back for a refund …

Thanks for letting me know about this, Mark. I’m surprised to find that I can’t do this on my Magic Keyboard either. I will take a look into this to find out why.

Thanks Daniel

I appreciate your help and support. It seems to me that, for the time being at least, I will need to use Dorico for iPad in conjunction with Dorico Pro to achieve the level of detail that I require in my piano scores. It would be great if a future version of Dorico for iPad were to offer the full function of Dorico Pro. I see no technical reason why not given the hardware architecture of the latest Apple devices and I would be happy to pay more for the convenience of an iPad only experience.