Beam grouping problems

I have set Library->notation options->beam grouping->Allow rests within beams and at start and end of beams. It works for the first bar but not for subsequent ones. What is wrong?

Also note that the beaming in the 2nd group, 1st bar is higher than the others. How do I set this numerically? I would like to be able to arrange all the beams in the line to the same height, then all the rasgueado, golpe and finger notations (which are relative to the beams) - sort of like it is in the tab. If I select a beam I don’t see numerical values in the bottom panel (except occasionally - I don’t understand the rule). Right now I have to hand-align everything which is a brutal amount of work.
Beam problems

Thanks in advance

I’m sorry I don’t know the answer, but would you educate me on the reason for beaming rests? I like to learn things. Thanks.

In this case it isn’t really a rest., that star is a percussion golpe.

Musically, the beaming makes the rhythmic structure visible to the eye.

Dorically™, the beaming means that the various playing techniques have a common position offset which makes editing their position in the engraving phrase more practical.

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Can you attach a short excerpt of the project itself that shows the problem with the beam groups?

Here is an excerpt which shows the problem:

Dorico Problems.dorico (1.4 MB)

If you select the music and use Edit > Notations > Beaming > Reset Beaming, everything should look as you expect.

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Solved! Thanks!