Beam Grouping

I have a couple of flows in a project, these are imported xml-files and the beam grouping is not accectable. Is it possible to reset beam grouping in one go?

Click Alt-A to select everything, right click somewhere and choose “Beaming>>Reset beaming”

On windows: CTRL-A … But this selects only the notes in the current flow, not in all flows.

BTW … CTRL-A is not available in the german language version of Dorico.

Ctrl+A should certainly work in the German-language version of Dorico, and if not, you may have edited the key commands and inadvertently removed it. All the same, you can of course choose Edit > Select All to select everything in the current flow. You will need to select the music in each flow and choose Edit > Beaming > Reset Beaming on each flow, but with only a couple of flows in the project, this is hardly a great hardship. It’s a deliberate choice that Select All should select only the music in the current flow, and no, we have no plans to change this.

Ctrl+A was missing for me as well (also German). I added the shorcut myself.

Me too.

What a pity! I can imagine many situations where I want to change selected elements of the score in all or a subset of the existing flows.

So I suspect there is too no plan to implement a project wide Search & Replace function in Dorico?

I can imagine a real disaster if one used Select All expecting to work on the current flow and found out later that one had changed every flow. So it seems it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.