Beam Thickness

I’ve been able to find the options to adjust thickness of many other elements in the Engraving Options, but I don’t see one for beam thickness (nor can I find it in any documentation). Am I missing it, or is it not available?

It is not currently available, but we expect to make this possible at some point in the future.

Any news about this topic?

Maybe try to modify this entry in the json file:


The bravura default value is set to : 0.5

Please, be careful, th json file is very sensitive file, you should be aware of what you’re modifying.

Onestly I don’t feel very confortable to modify files around, specially if you tell me to be careful…
Anyway thanks for the tip!

Tant mieux!

You cannot currently alter the default beam thickness in Dorico, I’m afraid. This is something that is planned for a future version of the software.

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