Beam three 8-notes together in 3/4 meter


Time signature 3/4.
Two 8-notes, 8-rest, three 8-notes. I would like the three 8-notes to be beamed together by default. Is that possible?


Input your notes and then select the 3 you want beamed together and use the command/control B command and it will link them.

Not sure that this command is implemented in Dorico as default… I had to add this key command in the preferences. You can beam the notes using ctl-click menu or edit menu in Write or Engrave mode, after having selected the three 8th notes.

You can also enter the time signature as [1+2]/4… it will display 3/4 but beam as you wish

Whoops! I think your right… I added a custom key command for that because I use it regularly. :unamused:

Yes, I know how to do it manually. I also programmed shortcuts!

Right, I will try that. But would that not also result in a bar with six 8-notes to be beamed 2+4? Maybe not so desirable…

On a hunch I just tried [3]/4, and it works! Beethoven Egmont overture, here I come!

But it’s rather a challenge to find a single setting that caters for all scenarios… manual vs automatic beaming must be based on the quantity of labour involved :slight_smile:

Thanks, that solves some of it. But what I really would like, is an option for beaming the eights togehter but leaving groups of four 16-notes separated. Just like it does in common time.