'Beam Together' and 'tied notes'

Dear users and developers,

‘Beam Together’ has an issue with ‘tied notes’. To beam the following example

as follows:

I must do as follows:

  1. removing ties
  2. beaming together
  3. putting ties

It is logically correct considering the concept of beaming and ties in Dorico, but it is very unproductive.
Does anyone have a sophisticated method to do it?

Dear Daniel, I think Dorico may offer a method to select just one note or one notehead of tied notes. Would it be implementable?

Have you tried Engrave mode ? That is the place where you can select individual notes of a tie chain. And since beaming is more a graphical feature than musical, it should work (not 100% confident)

Yes, Marc is correct: this can be done without removing any ties in Engrave mode.

Thank you, but could you shortly explain how to to it?
I have selected some notes by dragging, then pressed “ctrl + shift + /”. It divides beams. However, I could not recombine them.

There’s nothing much to it. In Engrave mode you can select an individual notehead in the tie chain and use the appropriate command in the Edit > Beaming submenu to either split or join the beam.


Hi prko!
I find it really convenient to create shortcuts that suit you for beaming, un-beaming… Mine are
Cmd-b beam together
Alt-b make unbeamed
Ctrl-alt-b Split beam (divides the beaming without un-beaming all notes)
Ctrl-alt-cmd-b reset beaming
But you can of course use whatever key bindings make sense to you (or use a Stream Deck or any equivalent)

I do not have a Stream Deck or any equivalent for I do not have an iOS device.
Your shortcuts seem to be better than my own. I will try it. Thanks!