Beam together - Divisi = glitch?


I have a funny prolonged beam turning up at the place, where my Dessus splits into a Divisi. I would like the Dessus to be beamed for the whole bar (6 quavers). How the Second Dessus looks (2plus4 or 6) I don’t really mind - just this ugly little extension looks weird.
Please have a look here:

I suppose the problem is when you have the divisi change in mid-beam. In order to beam 6 notes together you could move it to the downbeat and duplicate those first 2 notes.

Yes, I would suggest you have the divisi begin at the start of the bar, which is probably clearer for the players anyway.

Thank you Daniel. For transforming it into modern notation that’s the best solution.
My ambition so far is (at least with this project) to also reflect bits of the source I use, f.e. I like to keep the beaming, if possible.

The clever way this original score is organised, you have one Dessus (top) voice for all melody instruments and the Parties (middle voices) underneath. When the dessus is splitting into a trio it is marked by the french violin clef put onto the second system (while the Parties are either silent or move one staff down). Very efficient way of using the space - but needs a bit of re-thinking putting it into a modern score notation, where one staff is linked to one player.