Beam together

Hello again and thanks for the help so far.
Having difficulties beaming together the last 16th note to a group of 6 x 32nds
I have tried doing it as instructed in Engrave mode and the usual way, also tried regroup the notes and try to beam together in same stave but for no avail - that 16th note will not beam in … It is strange because all of these notes are in the same voice , they together form 2 eight notes group I don’t see where is the problem to beam together. hope you can shade some light here.
Regards - Rami

You’ll need to attach the project if you want us to assist with these kinds of extremely context-specific issues. Try making a copy of the project by doing File > Save As, then in the copy cutting down the project to just the affected bars, and attach that here.

How do I cut down the project in save as to save only the bars in question?
I didn’t see this option under save as…

Save a copy of the project under a new filename and then do “surgery” on the copy to omit the superfluous measures. You can also set the Playback Template to Silent to reduce the size of the file even further for efficiency’s sake when posting.

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It looks distinctly like the down-stem 16th G/A at the end of bar 39 is in a different voice to the beamed notes, and for that reason won’t join in the beam. Maybe select that entire bar on the top staff and make sure they’re in the same voice?

Oh, maybe I’m misunderstanding – do you want the 16th down-stem G/A chord on the upper staff to beam with the rising passage of down-stem 32nd notes on the lower staff?

If so – the 16th chord needs to belong to the lower staff, even if you then cross it to appear on the upper staff. Move the 16th chord to the lower staff, make sure it’s in the down-stem voice (maybe use paste into voice for this), beam it with the 32nd passage if it doesn’t automatically, then cross the 16th chord to the upper staff (cross, don’t move).

For your information – if notes aren’t crossed, and are appearing on their “home” staves, then each staff is treated separately for voices: a down-stem voice on the top staff is a separate voice to the down-stem voice on the bottom staff ; each staff has its own set of up-stem/down-stem voices. You can show voice colors to see which notes are in the same voice.

Thanks very much for your input, I wouldn’t bother either of you b4 2x check voices etc.
But I have checked again, crossed that 1/16th down stem 2nd voiced g/a to the lower stave and tried to beam together, it replaces the 16th flag and that’s it.

p.s : ( doesn’t work )

Beaming notes together manually

You can beam notes together manually, including notes across barlines as well as system/frame breaks, for example, if you want to beam a phrase differently to how it is usually beamed in the prevailing time signature.

Beams by default stay within bars and systems, so to have beams cross barlines, system breaks, and frame breaks, you must force the phrase to beam together.


If you are in Engrave mode, Graphic Editing Graphic Editing button is selected in the Engrave toolbox.


  1. Select the notes you want to beam together. You can do this in Write mode and Engrave mode.
  2. Choose Edit > Notations > Beaming > Beam Together. You can also choose this option from the context menu.

The G/A should not be crossed down from the top staff. It should be moved to the bottom staff and put in the bottom staff’s downstem voice. If at that point it is not connected to the preceding bottom staff downstem material, select the whole bar, right-click > Beaming > Reset Beaming. Then cross-staff up the final G+A dyad.

thankyou - I will try that.
appreciates your input.

Hello there and thanks so much again for your invaluable help.
A picture is better then 1000 words - solution and thank you all so very much
A - beaming together - alt+m
B reset beaming - using alt + m same as before
C - deleting G+A and adding them again in down stem 2
D - cross to upper stave and force beam direction down