Beaming 2+2/4

If I use [2+2]/4 I get (LH manually changed, see below)

Why is the RH in bar 2 not like the (manually adjusted) LH?
I would expect a full bar beam with [4]/4, but not with [2+2]/4.
(I can do it with a hidden 2/2 but I’m trying to understand how Dorico thinks and works and it’s ‘logic’.)

Hmm, it doesn’t really make sense to me, but I guess Dorico considers [2+2]/4 as a meter without a half-bar. Gif below.


Changing that setting will alter the beaming behavior over the middle of the bar anyway.

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Thanks! How peculiar that 2/2 does not have “half bar”. The “half bar” term is strange. One could perhaps argue that 6/8 and 12/8 also have half-bar, but 3/4 and 9/8, 5/4 etc. does not.

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For what it is worth, there is now an option in Notation options so that 2/2 is treated the same way as 4/4.

and even in earlier versions you can just manually fix the first bar, and then add a hidden 4/4 at m2.

You mean the reverse? Hide a 2/2, which gives the ‘correct’ beaming.

That said, the “half-bar” is a vague term and misleading IMO.

No,. Visible 2/2 in the first measure, hidden 4/4 in the second so it doens’t do the annoying pre-D5 beam the whole bar together.

That would mean alternating hidden meters?

otherwise 3 bar is wrong.

Perhaps cause for a new setting in Note Grouping options?