Beaming above crotchet rest not possible?

Beaming above two quaver rests it’s not a problem, but I do not succeed if I try to beam above a crotchet rest.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-23 um 18.17.22.png

No, I’m afraid you cannot beam anything longer than a quaver (eighth).

It would be desirable to get the possibility to beam also about crotchet rests and longer distances.
I need it e.g. for polymetric structures. The attached example (with 4 against 7) would be more easy to read if I could beam in the right hand the first 4 chords and also the second group of 4 chords.

You can achieve this by removing the rests using Edit -> Remove rests, and writing the rests in a second voice using force duration. Once stemless notes are available, you might have an even simpler solution for the second voice.
Skjermbilde 2017-07-25 kl. 00.04.04.png

Thank you very much! This workaround will help, but I hope that in future versions of Dorico beaming about crochet rest will be possible! Daniel, are there any plans for this?

There aren’t any plans for it at the moment, no, but it’s something we can discuss.

I looked to some scores and books about contemporary music and found examples for beaming about long distances or about crotchet rests by Stockhausen, van Vlijmen, Schäffer, Penderecki, Otte, Haubenstock-Ramati, Kopelent. And I know that I have seen it bij many other contemporary composers.
I would be happy if we can get this possibility!