Beaming and more in compound meter

I write in 27/16 meter. I would like this to have a regular default beaming, beaming together three dotted quavers (times three) and, within these, beaming the semiquavers three at a time.

I would also like the time signature to be shown as a number 3 as numerator with three dotted quavers tied together as nominator. Possible?

(See attached – an example where I am, by the way disappointed with Dorico’s default collisions between pauses and notes.)

In the meter popover you can type [9+9+9]/16, to produce 27/16 meter.

For the denominator, there is an option in Engraving Options for “Denominator appearance” to show the note duration instead of a number. But for 27/16, I can’t get it to work. You might have better luck entering this time signature as text with unicode. This thread shows how:

Thank you.
The [9+9+9]/16 will beam 9 semiquavers together, but not grouped three and three, however.

Yes. For the subdivision of 9 into 3+3+3, you have to do that manually, as far as I know. If you haven’t already made a keyboard shortcut for the Split Secondary Beam command in the contextual menu, that might speed things up for you.

Good idea, Stephen.